Special Offer! PADI Course - Sidemount Diver

Explore a new way to mount  your scuba tank with the PADI sidemount diver specialty . 
By transfering the scuba tank at your side, you have an alternative way to enter the water, leaving immediately the pressure off your back which gives you more flexibility and streamline in the water in order to enjoy the dive. Your equipment transport becomes easier and additionaly you do not need to walk at the dive site with scuba tanks attached on your back, you can just enter and mount them in water with a simple clip

You have the ability to monitor at all times all your equipment because it is in front of you, to increase your dive due to increased gas supply and to feel more independent.

You can easily combine the PADI sidemount specialty with any other specialty that you also may have or wish to acquire.

PADI Open Water Diver
At least 15 years old
One theory -4 diving courses

Enriched air diver - Nitrox

Contact  2310321410 for more information.

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