Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the world's largest diver-training organization.

PADI establishes standards for diver training, trains and certificates instructors, provides support, material and services to its members and maintains activity rewards.

PADI with more than 100.00 professional members has gained recognition globally in 175 countries including Greece and is currently the most popular and recognized organization in recreational diving.

International Integrity

The training system of PADI has assured that its professionals have adapted this specific system to your needs and to the requirements of the local environment.

The program of PADI that one person may follow in Indonesia is the same that another person may follow in Poland. Both persons will adopt the same techniques and will be trained according to the culture, customs, protocols and language of each area.

With more than 130000 PADI professionals and around 5300 PADI diving centers and resorts operating in 180 countries and regions, you will find a PADI professional who will be speaking your language and will offer you a suitable training experience. In order to cover your training needs, all PADI materials are translated and available in 26 languages.

Thanks to the fact that PADI diving centers operate almost everywhere, no matter where you travel you can find PADI programs and divers for fellow diving.

The Training Difference

PADI programs are designated to make training pleasant and enjoyable. With a scuba device and under the supervision of a professional PADI instructor, you acquire self-confidence as you perfect your skills at the instructional tasks posed by the program.

You receive key-information and companions together with the instructional material of PADI manuals, video tapes, working books, cd-roms.

PADI instructor will prepare you so well that you will be ready to get certified by the instruction system of PADI. In other words, you will be getting better over time, as you will be proving the skills required in order to become proper scuba divers. Your instructor will be there to help you with these skills and acknowledge your progress.

You will get PADI Certification in an environment of instructional support and encouragement.

Continue the Adventure

Your underwater adventures start by the initial diving level and they extend as you explore new diving areas. You use new equipment and try new types of diving such as night diving and wreck diving.

To acquire the knowledge, equipment and experience you desire, you need PADI diving center or resort, which will support you at your dives and help you discover the wonderful diving life.

As a PADI scuba diver, you become a member of its wide society (Padi Diving Society). You can become a member of Padi Diving Society in many places all over the world. PADI is an organization made for enthusiastic scuba divers of all ages and levels. Padi Diving Society ensures to keep its members always informed about diving events, technological evolution and instruction.

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