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Education and the start of Seaworld

In 1987 through the Yacht Club of Thessaloniki, Kostas Mafrochoridis starts his diving career. He served in the Greek army at the Special Forces as a Navy Seal and in the Greek army’s Parachute School . In the late 80's and early 90's he worked as a professional diver from 1991 to 1992. In 1993 the story of SEAWORLD began!

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Education and Innovation

In the next period Kostas Mavrochoridis trained divers while providing special training to organizations and associations ( eg EMAK , ESA and LEK ) . In addition he organized with great success, diving trips abroad and introduced innovative techniques in diving education , such as underwater communications.

1998 2004


His relationship with influential people of the diving arena and his way in targeting innovation, creates the foundation of Seaworld’s uniqueness.

2004 2007


Recognition by major players in the global diving community and the largest diving organization (PADI) does not take too long.
However he does not stay inactive and continues by introducing first new techniques which ensure quality control and repair of diving regulators.

2007 ...


Kostas Mafrochoridis continues ... but the new generation is already here!!!

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1970.

From an early age he dealt with sports and particularly excelled in classical cycling (Velos Team) as champion of Northern Greece and Nationwide champion. From the age of 17 until today he deals with his great love, scuba diving and is the director of Sea World Scuba Diving Center.

He is married and he has 3 children.

Diving Career
• IDC Staff Instructor
• E.F.R. Instructor
Specialty Instructor of the following specialties of PADI:
1. Night diver
2. Underwater Navigator Instructor
3. Multi-level Instructor
4. Deep diver Instructor
5. Equipment specialist
6. Search and Recovery Diver
7. Enriched Air Instructor
8. Semi closed Rebreather Diver (Dolphin) Instructor
9.Sidemount Instructor

•Trainer of Trainers ( 3 *** ) of the Greek Federation ( E.O.Y.D.A.A.K.T. )
• Trainer ( 3 *** ) of the European Federation CMAS.
• Certified by PSI (Professional Scuba Association) for visual inspection of scuba cylinders .
• Qualified for the testing of equipment from the companies Aqualung, Shearwood, Poseidon, Oceanic and Scubapro.
• Professional diver officially recognized by the Ministry of Mercantile Marine.
• He served in the Greek army at the Special Forces as a Navy Seal and in the Greek army’s Parachute School
• He worked as a professional diver from 1991 to 1992.


Sports action
An entry in the Half Marathon 24 km Sfendami 2009.
A participation in the Ultramarathon race 100 km Biel-Benne in June 2005.
An entry in the Olympus Mountain Marathon (36 km) in September 1999.
Two participations in Olympus Marathon (44 km) in June 2006 to 2009
One participation in the 2006 Paris International Marathon
One participation in the crossing of Toroneos Gulf 26 km in June 2003 .
One participation in the Thermaikos Gulf 22 km in September 2001
Three Marathons races 42 km in the classic route of Athens 2001-2002-2004
One participation in the cycling race “Round of Pikrolimni” in 2010 80km 6th place
One cycling race participation '' ASCENT of CHORTIATI '' 2009-2010 30km
Two Half Marathon races 20 km
Free Fall Parachutist Graduate

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