Special offer! Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty
Enriched Air Nitrox

... means increasing the percentage of oxygen in the diving tank. This course will teach you important safety issues when gas mixtures are used in diving.

This exact certification allows the use of up to 40% oxygen. The duration of the course is one day and in order to be completed you need one theoretical and two practical diving courses.

The reasonable use of these gases gives greater security in combination with longer bottom time, less nitrogen loading in our tissues and less fatigue. The time on the surface between dives is considerably smaller in the event of repeated dives and the benefits many.

The education

…for use IF it is flexible and of different levels to suit every need and schedule.

This course can also be done in conjunction with the Open Water course or with any other course. It's a pleasant and easy course which broadens our horizons and knowledge!

Required Certification: Open Water Diver

Minimum Age: 15

Cost: 600 euros

Contact Tel: 2310 321 410, 6932 324 327

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