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Special Offer! Semi-closed circuit specialty!

For those wishing to attend,the scuba diving center Sea World organizes every weekend on Sani Resort in Halkidiki, the semi-closed rebreather PADI specialty.

This program gives the opportunity to recreational divers to develop their knowledge and escape from their everyday life by having fun and developing new techniques necessary to participate safely in the program of Atlantis / dolphin semi-closed rebreather diver specilaty.


In order for someone to participate in the program, he/she must have the Padi certification - Advanced Open Water - Enriched Air Diver – Over 15 years old.

The main characteristics of a semi-closed circuit rebreather are the reduced bubbles and the silence it offers, which allow you to approach wildlife more easily.

What you can learn:

Via the semi-closed rebreather PADI Specialty you learn the specific procedures for semi-closed circuit diving. This includes special dive planning, organization, the procedures and possible risks, many of which differ substantially from the conventional (open circuit) scuba. The program focuses, specifically, on features, accessories, maintenance and proper use of the semi-closed Draeger Rebreather. You can have at least one dive on restricted water and at least three dives in the sea to finish the program.

Cost: 300 euros

Contact Tel: 2310 321 410, 6932 324 327

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