PCI Seminar (professional cylinder inspectors) 26/11/2017

The registration for the course of visual cylinder inspectors of PSI / PCI (professional scuba inspectors / professional cylinder inspectors) has started. It will take place on 29 November 2015 at Sea World Diving Center, where dive professionals from all over Greece, Dive masters,  Assistant Instructors and Open Water Scuba Instructors will take part.

Leader of the seminar is the inspector trainer of PSI Mr. Vasilis Michaelides will play a catalytic role in the experience and the transmissibility of knowledge without leaving unresolved questions. The main objective of the seminar is the upgrade of the dive professional community , on safety and knowledge of technical issues relating to compressed air cylinders

The course will run for 8 hours where both theory and practice on the subject of compressed air cylinders, will be taught.

The training program of visual cylinder inspection of  PSI / PCI has become an institution in Northern Greece and will be taking place in Thessaloniki every November after completion of the PADI  IDC/IE  training course.


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