Night Diver Specialty

The Diving Center SEA WORLD enables divers to develop their skills and knowledge, to escape from their daily routine and have fun, developing new techniques necessary to safely participate in night diving.

For this reason, Sea World, offers to those willing and interested to attend, the PADI course Night Diver Specialty.


By following this course, the divers meet their own natural curiosity and discover the magical world of nocturnal underwater flora and fauna.

They can see, explore and study marine organisms that can not be found during the day.

They can approach, from a different angle, diving destinations usually visit during the day.

They can expand their diving skills readjusting their free time differently.

They have the opportunity to discover the true vibrant colorus of the marine environment during the day fade, as with the presence of the sun they are filtered, losing much of their physical capacity.

Also, many divers use the specialty of night diving to develop new activities such as underwater photography.

The course is held every week and includes a theory course and three dives in open water.


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