Sea World was awarded for its social contribution by volunteer blood donation (1997-2014)

On 14.6.2014 the AHEPA and St. Paul Hospitals of Thessaloniki celebrated the day of blood donor volunteering. The event was held in the hall of ceremonies of AUTh honoring volunteer blood donors and their associations.

The scuba diving school Sea World having created a blood bank, was honored with praise by Mr Mavridis Efstratios, Head of the blood donation centre, for their contribution in the effort of developing voluntary donation. In this great event, which clearly demonstrates the social contribution of the “anonymous” diver organized in clubs and diving centers, many personalities of Thessaloniki were present.

The leaders of the event were Mrs. Chasasopoulou, Director of the blood donation centre of AHEPA hospital and Mrs. Giartza, Director of St. Paul Hospital, heads and staff of blood donation centres. Sea World intends to continue working upon volunteer blood donation and hopefully others will follow its example.


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